Monday, October 22, 2012

The case of the Iron Clad Stomach

*This is a copy of the blog I wrote on Allrecipes and wanted to post here on my personal blog as well.

I had 2 butternut squash that I've had a couple of weeks. They've been sitting on the kitchen counter staring me down. Daring me to do something with them. I've never cooked or eaten butternut squash. Clueless I searched AR.  Recipe after recipe I read, and finally I decided on making a soup. I love soup! Give me a nice crusty bread and a bowl of soup and I am in heaven! It doesn't get much better than that. The only problem was that I didn't quite like any of the recipes. So I wrote down a general list of ingredients and decided I would try my hand at an original soup.

I followed some suggestions I read on some of the recipes and cut the squash in big pieces and coated them in olive oil and salt and pepper and crushed garlic and put them in the oven for 30 minutes. It smelled so good! So afterwards I melted some butter and added some onion then added some peeled cubed sweet potato and chicken stock. I boiled that til the sweet potatoes were soft. I added the squash and adjusted the salt and pepper. I added some garlic powder and some onion powder (which I add to EVERYTHING). I added some thyme and allspice.

Do you ever think to yourself that you should "stop while you're ahead" as my grandmother would put it?  I had that feeling, deep in my gut. She was telling me and I wouldn't listen. I tried the soup and it was delicious!! I pulled out my favorite french bread and tore a chunk off and didn't even sit down. I enjoyed a bowl of my butternut squash soup creation standing there at the counter.

Enter husband... "Hey what's that?"  So I give him a taste. He scrunches his nose and says that its missing something. No, it's perfect I say. Do I listen to myself? No! Do I come back to AR and look at the recipes again? yes.... and I see that one of the recipes has cumin.   Hmm, I like cumin, my husband loves cumin. Let me try that. Now here is the mistake I made. I thought to only add some to a bowl and try it, but at the last minute I just tossed some into the pot. I put that spoon to my lips and I knew right away I had ruined my yummy pot of soup!! UGH  I hate that!!

Now, understand I like cumin, in spanish/mexican/latin food. I personally think it has a pretty strong flavor. I did not add much. But it is all I can taste. The taste of squash is gone. And would you believe the hubby LOVES the soup now! He can't stop going on about how awesome this is and how he will eat the whole pot!! Well have at it bub. It's all yours!!!

Here is the moral to my sad tale. If your tongue and your tummy tell you one thing... don't listen to someone else.  My tummy and I have been together for a long time. We are pretty close she and I. I try not to do her wrong and she in turn doesn't get too upset with me.  I should have known not to listen to someone who eats a concoction of ramen noodles, ketchup, vinegar, boiled eggs, and a couple other ingredients that combined create a putrid smelling bowl of bleh!  He'll tell you that he has an Iron Clad Stomach and he can eat anything. And believe me when I say... I have never been that hungry!!

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