Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Hosting

I love Halloween parties! My birthday is in October and my parents liked to throw Halloween birthday parties. Now that I am older I still love a good Halloween party. I get most of my decorations from the Dollar Tree. I loved doing different types of crafts and painted quite a few wooden plaques and signs a few years ago. I always put fake spider webs up across the porch and I have some headstones I put out. I usually rake up some leaves and shape them into graves in front of the headstones. This year because of Sandy my graves were blown away. I also have two blow up ghosts that I hang on either side of the front steps.  I try to make it "gently" scary for the kids in the neighborhood. We have little kids next door and they still freak out a little over some of the decorations.

This year one we had some fun activities for the Allrecipes Allstar Brand Ambassador program.  I made caramel corn which everyone loved! Pizza pockets and chocolate filled crescents.  As part of our party we carved pumpkins. Some of our friends brought "witches fingers" it was the orange peanuts with a half of jellybean "glued" on the end. Another did the witches hats made using a cookie and hersheys kiss. We replaced bobbing for apples with making candle apples. Boy were those good!!! It's been years since I've eaten one and I had never made them before. 

There are so many ideas I have seen from other AR-ers and I can't wait to use some of the ideas or the recipes they have shared!

The hurricane disrupted some of the plans we had for Halloween. Our city postponed trick or treating until next week! Boo! It will give me time to get some discount candy!! lol.  We were without electricity for a few days, and my church postponed the food pantry scheduled for Oct 31 until Friday Nov. 2. I am thinking I would like to make some treats for the people who come. Maybe more of that caramel popcorn, but also I am thinking some granola bars. 

Everyone had a pretty good time this year. I enjoyed making all these things, and I got the bonus of getting to buy new cups with spiders and webs on them to add to the Halloween supplies.

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