Monday, October 22, 2012

Bacon and Provolone YUM

While shopping last month I spotted a new spaghetti sauce on the shelf. Bacon and provolone Prego. Oh my goodness!!  This is so freaking good. My family loves this. Which means just like everything else, it will soon be pulled off shelves. Seems like every time we find something we really like, the manufacturer discontinues it.  

I don't know if I am allowed to put that picture on here, and I really hope I don't get in trouble.  If you see this in the store, buy it! Try it! You'll love it! 

I'm going to tell you people, this is good! I make homemade pizzas usually once a month, this is going to be the sauce we use this month.   I am thinking of dishes to use it in.  Meatball subs, baked pasta dishes, pizza.. 

My mouth is watering, I am hungry and it is lunchtime.  Guess what I'm making!   If you're lucky I  will save some to take a picture! 

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  1. I bought it recently, I think it is odd over spaghetti but I saw a recipe to make a slow cooker pulled pork with it and that sounds good. It has that strong bacon flavor that you always wish your actual bacon had.