Wednesday, October 24, 2012

He's a deadman!... meatloaf.

Really trying to get into the Halloween spirit I have been looking and making recipes that I think represent the day.  Of course, I had originally planned to make everything for Halloween. but I become impatient and need something for dinner so I make it.  This was a fun recipe to make.

His legs became dismembered somehow and I have joked that it was a mob hit and they took out his knees. This was really good meatloaf, but I will admit I didn't really use the recipe. I made it as I always make it. It was delicious, of course! 

There's really not much I can say about this, other than just want to show off the pics.  I forgot to take pics of the ingredients before I started mixing them.

I used ground sirloin from my favorite butcher. I added garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. I also added some Worcestershire sauce to it and some Italian breadcrumbs. Because the meat is so lean I don't have to use an egg or anything to hold it together. I use the breadcrumbs out of habit really and it has Italian herbs in it that I don't have to measure out.

Pretty and it smelled good! 

Starting to take shape.

My daughter insisted that we take pics of each step of making him. I think it was her Frankenstein moment. Here is his head.

His body.

First Leg

Yep, second leg.

She actually made me take pictures of putting each arm on, but I will skip ahead for you. It was already later than usual when I was making dinner, and I wanted to get this sucker in the oven.

Here he is. Officially a deadman! 

If you are looking for something fun for Halloween dinner or even something a little different when you have dinner guests. I think this would be it.  Make it with the kiddos, they'll have a blast. My daughter's 16 and she had fun!!


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