Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Angry Cookin' ~ Yucky Cookin'

Sometimes, I just am not in the mood to cook. I resent the fact that everyone in the house looks to me for dinner. I have a 16 year old daughter. I'd be more than happy for her to try her hand at cooking. I have probably 75 cookbooks. Have at it! Honestly sometimes I just don't know what to make, or I have no taste for anything. When I ask them what they might want they never have an opinion, I give them 3 or 4 choices to chose from (unless it's something I like and they don't)  I make a lot of dishes I don't like, or even eat because the hubby and daughter love them.   Sometimes I am on the go ALL day and I just want a break. Sometimes, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.  Sometimes, I just want a break. Why am I the keeper of the fork? Who designated me the Queen of the pots and pans? I know that I am not feeling any different that anyone else. 

What ends up happening is what the hubby calls Angry Cookin'. I can make a recipe that I always make and it tastes bad according to him. Apparently my frustration seeps into the ingredients and taints the dish.  Now, my husband doesn't normally make comments on any of the dishes I make. (he knows where his next meal is coming from) but I can tell by the way he pushes the food around on his plate, and always seems to be "not as hungry as he thought" that he didn't like it.  Which just seems to be one more thing that makes me and upset, fed up cook! 

We don't eat fast food or take out. I don't understand what's wrong with a bowl of cereal! Or a night of breakfast for dinner! Or fend for yourself!  Then with those sad puppy dog eyes on me, I feel guilty. Grrr.  Pots and pans.. some days I am tired of looking at them! 

Let me say this, my husband will cook. He will offer to cook. The problem here is that there is NOT one dish he makes that I WANT to eat. I don't care for garlic, he uses enormous amounts of it. I don't like ginger, he has to put it in EVERYTHING. I find Chinese 5 spice absolutely disgusting. I have a delicate nose, and ever more delicate stomach. I do not like things that have strong smelling spices, I don't like the tastes. And I definitely do NOT like anything that will eventually work its way out of your system through the pores in your skin.   He is one of those people that will smell like garlic (strongly) for days, sometimes a week. I even looked it up. Garlic is one of those things that really does come through the pores of the skin and even after you brush your teeth you will still smell like it. YUCK!

 I understand many ethnic dishes of other countries depend on their spices. I understand. It is personal choice to not eat these things. and I abhor when he blatantly disregards my feelings and my taste buds and makes a dish he knows I will not eat. I have to retreat to the basement so the smells don't make me gag. I can't be around him for days until the smells work its way out of his skin.  He thinks its funny. 

There are a lot of dishes I love that I do not make because neither he nor my daughter will eat. I've decided I am not going to cheat myself any longer.  I'm not going to be the one eating a bowl of cereal for dinner because he cooked. 

I defend my right to be an Angry Cook! 

* I read a posting on the Allrecipes Recipe Buzz from someone calling themselves an angry cook. (my blog has nothing to do what that post is about but I thought it was funny) I immediately thought of myself and my angry cooking. So this post is my vent and admission that I cook while angry. 

Do you cook while angry? Can you taste a difference? Do others complain?

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