Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Polymer Clay Roses

I am pretty new to working with polymer clay. I've made a few little figurines and some beads for jewelry.  Tonight I was looking through youtube tutorials and found one on making roses.  I watched it and then pulled out the poly clay.   It looked pretty easy and I will say it really is.

  Here is the first rose I made.

 Very pretty lavender color that doesn't really show up all that well in the picture. I thought this looked awesome!   So I start fooling around some more.

Two colors. I flattened the petals a little too much I think.

This is actually quite small. About the size of a dime.

I made a couple extremely tiny ones. I guess I will need to add a picture of those later. (der)

I made a beautiful rose out of a very pretty red color I had. The picture of course does not do the color justice, funky phone. The pictures look perfect on the phone. But always so dark when uploaded. Sigh.

I LOVE this! 

I really wish the pictures could show the true color and how pretty this really is.


I am going to look for other types of flowers to make. I am really digging the idea of making more. 

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