Saturday, September 15, 2012

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I, at times find this to be difficult. I am at a stay at home mother and wife. I cook from “scratch” 99% of the time. I do not use prepared, pre cooked, or premade items. No T.V. dinners here! I use fresh ingredients; I have an actual butcher (not the kind you find in the grocery market). I do my best to grow my own vegetables or at least buy them from local farmers markets.

I do not consider myself superior in any way to cooks who use items of convenience.  Given my financial situation I am extremely lucky that I have the luxury (extremely careful planning).  Living on an income of less than $1000. A month, I find myself in the same situation as millions of other people.  Choosing what foods to buy is a grueling task.  I have to feed a family of 3, which includes a meat eating husband who won’t settle for less and a teenage girl whose taste buds change day by day.

There are days I long for the quickness of opening a box of hamburger helper or popping a T.V. dinner in the microwave.  What I do not miss is the price of these convenience foods. 10 for $10. Sounds pretty good until you are making 2 per person and everyone is still looking for more afterwards. It turns out to be just not cost efficient.  I would prefer to fill my limited freezer space with a variety of meats. 

I’ll not stand on my soap box and preach the evils of what I call “fast food” in the kitchen. I could drone on about fat and salt and unknown ingredients – but I’ll spare you. Given the choice I would hope you would give “home made from scratch” a try.  I know for some individuals and families this type of cooking is unrealistic. We all do the best we can. I’ve checked out books and websites about once a month cooking. Personally, that never appealed to me. I rather like cooking daily (remind me I said that when I am tired and have no desire to cook!). I have known people who swear by once a month cooking.  I have checked out books and websites on how to feed your family for $50. a week.  Completely unrealistic! The price of food differs so drastically from state to state and with price increases everyday there is no way for it to be accurate or even remotely possible (unless daily ramen noodles are to your liking).

I plan my meals for the month, and I grocery shop once a month. I will continue to get fresh ingredients as needed, but the bulk of the shopping happens at the beginning of the month. So far, this has worked for us.  I can offer you a look inside my kitchen and maybe pass on some recipes you would like to try or some helpful tips. I do not claim to be an authority on cooking or saving money on groceries. I am just like so many others trying to feed my family and hopefully make it fulfilling and enjoyable.

I use family recipes, some from friends, magazines, cookbooks and websites like I will do my best to site the source of each recipe I post. If I do not know for sure, I will post that as well.

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