Saturday, September 15, 2012

Al Fresco Basmati and snow pea stir fry with teriyaki chicken meatballs

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Basmati and Snow Pea Stir Fry with Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs

First let me say, I do not like using prepackaged, precooked anything. But I signed up for the Allrecipe Allstar Brand Ambassadors because I love to try new things. So I knew going into this that I would be stepping out of our norm ( for us) when it came to ingredients. Having said that, I will give my honest opinion on all the recipes that I make, and I will try to keep an open mind and set aside my prejudices.

I will also apologize in advance for the quality of my pictures. I have the worse camera EVER! and until I get a new one I have to endure the slightly blurry photos I share ( with much embarrassment..Sorry!!).

Okay, I will say the meatballs keep their firmness and have a generous ginger flavor. It would be better to brown the meatballs before adding the rest of the ingredients. I doubled the sauce.  My husband refused to take a bite. He stubbornly rebels against all things that I do not mix the ingredients to. He wouldn't taste it, no matter what I tried to bribe him with.  My daughter did try the dish. She felt the texture of the meatball was a little weird with the peppers, but thought the dish wasn't "horrible".  I'll be honest and say I tried the meatballs before and after it was put in the dish. I personally do not like ginger, and it was all I tasted. I also do not like hoisin sauce, which turned me off from the dish. But I think it looked yummy!

Why then did I make this particular dish? I thought it would entice my husband to try it since he likes stir fry, hoisin sauce and he loves ginger!  It was easy to make, took almost no time at all. Since my family can't always be reliable to try new things, I use my neighbors (they are like Mikey.. they'll try anything!).  They loved the dish. They ate it with relish and even had seconds and asked for the recipe. The loved the meatballs and even were surprised that it was chicken. I was relieved to have someone to give me an opinion I could use.

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  1. I just picked up two packages of the same meatballs today. We do like the flavors so I am hoping we will like the meatballs! I am a lot like you in the fact that I like to make my own sauces, etc. I'm a homemade girl the majority of the time.