Saturday, December 8, 2012

C is for Cookie

This month is all about the cookies. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar.. the list is endless. I am not a baker.  My cookies have a tendency to come out flat, dry and flavorless. I admit I can make a good zucchini bread, but for cookies the only cookie I make good is Kolacky cookies. It's a simple recipe and one my grandmother made every year for the fall and winter holidays. They are time consuming only because the dough makes so many of them. We love them and they don't last long. They are delicious!

For the Allrecipe Allstar program our tasks this months is to make cookies using Toll House baking chips. I've already made one of the recipes.

They came out looking pretty decent.. not a lot of flavor. I followed the recipe exact! It did have a nice light flavor of orange. Everyone else liked them. So I guess it was successful!

If you read my previous post you know I am struggling right now. Luckily I have been gathering ingredients for the last 2 months so I could make cookies and bake other goodies this month. I have enough to make all the cookies I can and still have enough ingredients to make bread and dough etc.

I really liked this, but thought they didn't come out all that pretty. It tastes just like fruitcake. LOL who would have thought? My husband complained they didn't taste right. I made some miniatures in the mini muffin tin. He loved it. I also just took the rest of the dough and just went ahead and made a loaf. 

 When I was helping decorate the inside of the church I was given 3 pie pumpkins and I offered to make some pumpkin pies for a potluck. I have to do that today. I found the best crust recipe on Allrecipes. 

I could swear I have a picture of the crust before the filling, knowing me, I didn't download the picture yet.  Delicious looking? Yes!


Some how my cookie sheet became warped. It is not flat anymore. It looks like someone tried to twist it! So I am off to buy another one. Once I get home and make more cookies, I will post more.

These are my daughter's favorite cookie! These came out a little more firm and cake like than in the past. There were still delicious! 

These were part of the December activities. These were really good, I did not use the mini marshmallows, but we did add chocolate chips.  I took these to the community meal at the church and they were one of the first desserts to go!

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