Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garden Grumble

   Back in the beginning of April we dug out a plot for a garden. It's pretty big for us. 20x16 ft. The largest we have ever done. I by no means am an experienced gardener. Only been planting for the last 4 years and still learning. We do not use any pesticides or chemicals at all. No miracle grow here! We have tomatoes, bell peppers, cukes, watermelon, corn, pole beans, beets, turnips, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, cabbage and dill planted. In pots we have basil, cilantro, carrots and a few flowers for my daughter. We added a few things from the last garden we had. I learned to can a few years ago, fell in love with it and I am excited.
   Where I live is a 5/6 growing zone which is tricky enough. It's a short growing season for us, considering we were raised down south. And being 3 miles from Lake Erie doesn't seem to help at all. The weather has been crazy for all of us this spring. Tornadoes, floods and devastation. I swear it feels like it has rained everyday for the last 3 months! I'm tempted to go check that out, I'd really like to know if it has. My Mother in Law came back in April and we had 3 days of 80 degree weather. Well, she took it back to Virginia with her when she left.
   Rambling... The seeds we had planted were eaten by birds, we have a few pitiful looking plants, but it hasn't been warm enough for anything to really want to grow. the only things we have that are growing are potatoes and onions.
The last two days have been rain filled and I noticed today that the garden was a little flooded. I am hoping that it'll stop raining for a bit, at least let my little plants get a bit bigger.

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